Thursday, July 10, 2014

Week 8-10: Just One Major Change, Sir.

Week 8-9

Observation: Not many changes were seen throughout week 8-10 except for one major change-the black particles was no longer as visible as before. When shaken around, residue floating seems lesser and more loose.

Week 7: Black Bit Overlords Rise

Week 7

Observation: Solution is darker. Lesser gas build-up.

Week 6: Black Bits

Week 6

Observation: Black bits are much more prominent. Shaken a bit for more clear results.

Week 5: Black Particles

Week 5

Observation: When solution was shaken, black particles seemed to form here and there.

Week 4: Seperation Techniques

Week 4

Observation: Realised a problem-We had to leave the enzymes alone, rather than shake them around a bit. Garbage has separated from water, floating above and sinking below. Not sure if this should happen.

Week 3: Not Much has Changed

Week 3

Observation: Nothing much has changed, except for the reduction of the number of gas bubbles trapped in the organic debris. Colour seems a bit darker.

Week 2: It's Raining Red

Week 2

Observations made: Gas bubbles are formed and trapped in the waste matter. Hope that it isn't an inconvenience. On other note, the enzymes are starting to give off a stinky vinegar smell.