Materials Needed:

Organic Waste (peels of fruits , etc)
2 Bottles
Brown sugar


Step 1: Rinse the organic waste  and air-dry (To rinse off any liquid )
Step 2 :Dissolve sugar into water found in bottle.
Step 3: Add organic waste into water and mix evenly and cap tightly.
Step 4:Keep in a cool dry place at room temperature.
Step 5:For the first month, release the gas formed once a day.Make sure it is re-capped tightly
Step 6:For the 2nd and 3rd months, only release any gases if necessary
Step 7:After 3 months , filter the residue and bottle the solution (Reside can be used as fertiliser and solution contains garbage enzyme which can be used after dilution with water)

Important things to note:
1.Make sure the ratio of brown sugar to organic waste to water is 1:3:10
2. The final enzyme should be filtered out using a sieve lined with a cloth after 3 months

3.If ants appeared/worms appear in your enzyme solution.Add in a handful of sugar, mix well and cap the bottle tightly. They will disappear overnight.

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